Frequently asked questions

How do I order a custom fire pit?

Our custom ordering is easy – Grab a Custom Fire Pit and put it in your cart. On the right side of the page you'll see each of our custom panels. Pick the one you want for each of the 5 positions. We included 5 existing designs in your package! Or, we can create entirely new panels for you for only $45 per panel. You can add up to 5 total panels, including multiples of any option.

Some panels carry a customization fee.

Don’t want all 5? No problem. We’ll fill any unused panel spaces with a flame design and send you a proof before going to production.

How does the customization process work?

When you choose a custom fire pit you'll pick 5 panels in the product page. There is a notes section for each of your customizable selections.

If you choose ANY customizable panels, you'll get an email from our team discussing the personalization, and a proof before we start cutting your fire pit.

If you choose from our existing library, we'll start making your pit as soon as possible and send you an email with tracking when it ships

I have a photo I want to recreate on a panel, is that possible?

In most cases, yes, we can use the photo as inspiration and create a timeless panel for you based on a treasured keepsake. Super fine detail isn’t possible, but we’ve taken many photos and turned them into panels – just check out our instagram page for some examples!

I love that you make them in Vermont, but I don’t live anywhere near you.  Do you ship?

You bet! We keep it easy – our fire pits include free shipping! You’ll receive your fire pit via FedEX or UPS. Included in the box you’ll find the hardware, tools, and instructions, as well as a link to our video on assembly.

Are your fire pits smokeless?

Sure, if you don’t light it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. So naturally where there is no smoke there is….???

Smoke is largely a factor of wood quality and air flow. Our fire pits have vents on all sides, including the base plate, designed for maximum air flow. Those ‘single’ type fire pits out there regenerate the smoke back into the combustion area of the fire pit, but they also have 2 walls, and put off far less heat. We went with the tried and true single wall design for maximum heat, and with lots of room for air, we know you’ll love the minimal smoke and maximum warmth. After all, without a little smoke would we ever have the saying?

How should I protect my fire pit from the elements?

Our fire pits are made from 11 gauge 304 stainless steel, so it’s going to be a while before you see any issues. You might want to include it in your will. These things are Made In America and built to last!

  However, keep it looking good by cleaning it out frequently, and covering it after it cools completely.  Wet ashes are the worst enemy.  Fear not – we have a great cover for your fire pit! Check it out at our accessories page.

Do you make a propane or natural gas version?

Our fire pits are “gas ready”. Send us a note on the contact us page and we can point you in the right direction. Our pits are designed for many standard burners, and are pre-cut for the mount for the shut-off flange. Any installation and hook-up of propane should be done by your local propane or natural gas provider.

What is your return policy?

All of our fire pits are made to order. If you run into an issue please reach out. We would be happy to work on a solution with you. Any unopened "Anything But Standard" fire pits are returnable for a full refund less shipping costs. Please contact us at for any help with returns. Funds will be returned within 7-10 days of receipt of the product. Unfortunately, our Custom fire pits are not returnable.

Still have questions? Contact us!